Creamy sausage pasta

We’ve just got back to the UK and were pleasantly surprised to find that Tesco now haveIMG_20170602_191218 even more vegan options. The first thing we saw was Oatly creme fraiche and we had to buy it. Then to rack our brains about what we could use it in: we decided to veganise my sister’s classic recipe of meatball pasta with sour cream. Although not exactly the same this dish is beautiful and delicious in its own way.

makes 2 big portions


1 Onion

400g Mushrooms

6 Vegan sausages

250ml Vegetable stock

100ml (half a tub) Oatly creme fraiche

generous grinding of pepper

handful of basil leaves



Cook vegan sausages as instructed on the packaging and set aside

Dice onion and cook on a medium heat (I like to do it in a wok) for couple of minutes

Cut mushrooms into thick slices and add to the pan to cook until mushrooms are browned

Add the stock and and sliced basil leaves and leave to simmer while you cut the sausages  into quarters

Add the creme fraiche, pepper and sausage and simer for 10 minutes

I like to have this with tagliatelle but you could add it to any pasta







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